Terms and conditions

Please read terms of usage (further – “terms”) before starting to use euroKM.com website. While registering, you signify these terms; if you do not agree with these terms, please do not register on euroKM.com website. Website administration keeps the right to amend, supplement or eliminate these terms at discretion, at any time. This is your responsibility to check these terms of usage periodically. If you use the website after publication of any change of these terms, this will mean that you agree with those changes.

1. euroKM.com website’s information about registration

Email address and password – the obligatory information, which should be given in euroKM.com website. The registered euroKM.com member (otherwise “user”) has a right not to agree, that his personal data would be processed, without giving the reasons of his noncompliance. euroKM.com administration must terminate processing of personal data immediately and free of charge, excluding cases, indicated by law. While registering, you must agree with usage terms and rules.

2. Travel search and travel review

All euroKM.com visitors can use travel search, whereas full search results are available only for registered and on-line visitors. Contact of a driver or a passenger, meeting place and other information, which was indicated by the user as limited availability, is available only for registered and on-line visitors.

3. Publication of travels

The publication of travels is free of charge and this can be done only by registered and on-line visitors. euroKM.com is not responsible for the content, reliability and accurateness of information. euroKM.com does not guarantee and check driver’s identity, photograph, insurance, police records, and records about breach of traffic rules or the existence or condition of any indicated mean of transport. We keep the right to remove or destroy any content, which breaks these conditions, from this website. You agree that euroKM.com will not be responsible for checking, administrating and editing any content, which any user have produced, published, reviewed, passed, reproduced and/or distributed in this website in any other way.

4. Restrictions

You agree not to use this website for illegal purposes, which:

  1. would break any copyrights, trademarks or licences;
  2. would make a business secret or any other secret information;
  3. would be offensive or harmful to any person;
  4. would break any person’s right to privacy or publicity;
  5. would threaten to harm persons or property, or disturb any person;
  6. would break any other Lithuania Republic laws and international agreements;
  7. would break the safety of euroKM.com and/or other websites;
  8. would offer or incite illegal activity and/or
  9. would produce any incorrect information, when website administration decides about it at discretion.

5. Restrictions on the usage of content

Any euroKM.com content cannot be reproduced, issued again, loaded, published, transferred or circulated. Modification or usage of the content for any other purpose is a breakage of euroKM.com copyrights and other private rights. All trademarks, services’ marks and trade names, which are given in this website, belong to euroKM.com, or euroKM.com is licensed to use them.

6. Property of user’s content and it’s usage rights

You (the user) declare and assure that you are the only rights holder of your published content (including all related copyrights) or that you have unconditional right and licence to this content. You agree that all your published content would become a part of euroKM.com database, stored and used for an unlimited period of time. You agree that neither euroKM.com, nor any other third party, using the content agreeably to this paragraph, shall be required to pay royalty or any other remuneration for content production for the user.

7. Termination of services

euroKM.com keeps the right to terminate your access to this website at any time for non-compliance of rules or regulation, mentioned above or if euroKM.com makes such a decision because of any reasons, without warning, reason and responsibility. You acknowledge that your confidence in the continuity of these services is groundless, because euroKM.com has the right to terminate services or your membership for any reason, any time, without warning, reason and responsibility. If euroKM.com terminates the existence of this website, you acknowledge and agree that all your content and information will be removed in any way without preconceived warning.

8. Private policy

euroKM.com administration obligates to respect website members’ privacy and do not disclose their personal information to the third parties. In that situation, when the public institutions appeal to administration in writing asking to provide information about the user of the website or his produced content for any reasons, euroKM.com administration obligates to provide the necessary information about any person, registered in euroKM.com.