Carpool in an eco-friendly way!

Search for carpool routes – the website, designed for all Europe’s travelers by car in their cities, as well as between cities and countries. If you are going to carpool, and if you have some vacant seats in your car, offer them in this carpooling website. Carpooling advertisements in are placed for free.

We are interested not only in the lowest car pollution and environmental damage. Our website also invites you to communicate, find fellow-travellers and congenials.

Every year, September 19, a campaign „In Town without My Car“ takes place in around 1500 cities all over Europe, while September 19-22, a European Mobility Week is celebrated as well.

We encourage parents who drive their children to schools and kindergartens to cooperate and offer their help of giving a ride for other children, which can be done online (carpooling/rideshare).